Wednesday, June 10, 2009

st armands bridge with nina

using some shrimp nina caught a small jack crevalle , pinfish(saltwater bluegills i think they are,bait stealing bastards), and a spanish mackeral which i never caught, my only good fish was a black drum.


  1. Too cool Jeff!!!..Nina just look too cute holding her fish!!

  2. Joe, I learned a long time ago that the best part of the bluefish was the "cheeks", no not those "dupa" kine of cheeks but the ones behind the eye almost scallop like.

    Two chaps from your end so enlightened me, Fred aka Artie Van Voorhees and Bobby Witkowski, they were the crew from Shorty's Tavern across from Brunswick Sports and Hardware. Jeez, did you remember the Stefanski "boys" they were much older than us and quite the Nimrods in their day. Old John had an early black and white Ford Bronco and lived on Spruce. His brother Bill was a gem of an old fellow and lived out in the swamps past Rutgers Avenue.